You can be team Aaron Jones even if your NFL team isn't the Green Bay Packers. My NFL team is the Los Angeles Chargers but I am a huge fan of Aaron Jones. I admire how he would show his love for El Paso, Texas when he would score a touchdown. But lately, he's been quite an asset to the Green Bay Packers since he joined the team. After all, Aaron Jones made NFC Offensive Player of the Week for week 8.

After his hard work of 226 total yards and two touchdowns during the Kansas City Chiefs game. You can see Aaron Jones most highlighted plays from the Chiefs game above. It is always nice to hear our city name mentioned when the Green Bay Packers are playing. Just because your preferred NFL team isn't the Green Bay Packers it is okay to be team Aaron Jones.  I've met him a couple of times and he is a truly humble dude. I am not a Packers fan but a huge fan of Aaron Jones and so proud of how he represents El Paso.