I'm not exactly the Better Homes And Garden type but, I do like my place looking nice and this annual event lets me get all the info I need in one shot.  Plus, they sell beer.

Big names like Sears buddied up with "Mom n Pop" set-ups like Pink Zebra Scents at the show but I was most impressed with all the ways to "go green" this year. Every little bit helps ... the planet and your wallet ... so, here's the Dubba G (GG = Going Green!) top 3 Home Show peeps that can make you greener while saving you some green!

Photo GG

Solar Power.  Marcello with Border Solar explained it all to me and it's not that complicated.  (It's not cheap, but it's not hard!)  You pay for your equipment but the monthly total for that and the electricity comes to about what you already pay the power gods anyway so, why not? Plus, you'll qualify for tax breaks up the ying yang!  Hit Marcello up at Home Show or call (915) 581-6209 for more info.

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Next, get rid of the lawn.  Visit the really cool lady at Easy Lawn and check out the synthetic grass.  They have a different type for everything from putting green to lush, full lawn.  Soft, pretty much maintenance free and totally ... literally ... green! No water, gas burning lawn mower or electricity using weed eater needed!  (Plus, you'll never miss another game, or waste another day off mowing the freakin' lawn!)

Photo GG

Finally, and this one is awesome, lose your A/C pump!  A/C pumps are expensive and they suck electricity but, Eco Pump have come up with one that uses no electricity.  The AC itself pumps the water with this little gadget and there are other advantages as well, just ask 'em while you're there!

BONUS!  Eco Pumps inventor/designer/fabricator is a homie!

Karl Armstrong will be on hand to explain it all to you and, since he's from Northeast El Paso, if you buy one; you're not only green ... you're keeping it local!

Go green, save money and support El Paso at the 2014 El Paso Spring Home Show!