After three months of marriage, I am finally out of my house.  And I have to say, moving sucks! 

I truly believed I would live there forever and someone else would have to worry about getting rid of all my stuff after I died.  WRONG!  My Prince Charming came along and foiled my plans!  Thank God for that, but what a pain, not Prince Charming - moving! 

We thought we would be able to take our time moving my stuff out of my house and into his.  WRONG again!  Friends of mine are moving back to El Paso and decided they want to rent the house, with three weeks notice!  Thirty years of collecting "treasures", materials for projects that never got done, unpacked boxes from the original move there, I could go on and on!  It all has to go somewhere.  That's the next project to tackle, finding room at the new house for all my stuff.  Keeping my fingers crossed I don't have to part with anything else!

There are people out there that move every couple of years.  By choice.  Who are these freaks?  Can you even settle into a house in a couple of years?  I have lived in my house for eight years and it never felt finished.  Don't get me wrong, it was very comfortable, but I always felt there was something else I needed to do.  Maybe that's why people move, they don't have the patience to keep improving their home, and feel the need to find the "perfect" home that doesn't need anything done to it.

Personally, I like feeling like there's always something that can be done to improve my surroundings.  Otherwise, there will be no need for HGTV!