Why bother with a home repair book or hiring a handyman to figure out why your dishwasher is leaking when there’s Joe?

We stumbled upon the works of VideoJoeKnows, a shaggy-haired handyman who makes awesomely odd videos about home repair – and then some. When we first found his extensive video library, we thought  it was either a joke, or a video used to teach English.

Joe’s no joke. He has almost 30 years of general contracting experience, and after being mesmerized by Joe cleaning out a an AC wall unit, sealing a tile grout patch and installing carpet glue adhesive, we can say that the guy knows what he’s doing, and isn’t all that bad when he’s focused on doing the work and not talking to the camera.

Joe goes well beyond the toolbox talk. Joe has uploaded 698 videos, including interviewing a college student in a Joe-style talk show. We get a shirtless Joe brushing his teeth and talking about finding your passion. Yes really. He even has workout tips too that involve a case of Diet Coke.

He has a free video you can ask for, and a blog, too, though he stopped updating that in 2009, which makes us leak tears like our dishwasher.

Joe, you’re amazing. Please don’t ever stop. Maybe put the shirt back on though.