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Sending a clear message to oppressive regimes who commit violence against journalists, Donald Trump declared his love of politicians (GOP, only) who commit violence against journalists.
"Any guy who can do a body slam (on a reporter who was just doing his job as a member of a free and open press) is MY kinda guy!"

I respect body slams, too! That's why I'm starting a Go Fund Me for the first person who will body slam Donald Trump. However much money is in the pot will go to the first person to body slam Trump. There are only 3 rules:

1.) It has to be either on video or in front of members of the legitimate press (Fox and Breitbart NOT included)

2.) Trump can't know about it ahead of time

3.) It can't be a "soft" slam. The journalist that Greg "Community Service" Gianforte body slammed, Ben Jacobs, had his glasses broken and had to be X-rayed at the hospital. So, it has to be a full, enthusiastic body slam meant to do damage.

Other than that, it will be pretty wide open.

Who can collect the money? ANYONE who performs a body slam on Donald Trump that meets the two conditions, above. Member of the Secret Service, Vietnam Veteran getting the Medal of Honor from a guy who sat out because of bone spurs, Navajo Code talker who can't understand why this orange ass-clown is talking about "Pocahontas" at a ceremony honoring you...if you can slam him, the money is yours.

What kind of body slam is acceptable? I'm intentionally leaving this one fairly wide open to encourage wider participation! Anything from a standard scoop slam to a vertical suplex to even a cobra-clutch bulldog will be eligible for the cash windfall. It's actually more about the intention than the execution.

To quote a famous American President, "Any guy who can do a body slam is my kinda guy!"

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