If you already bought your tickets to see Blink 182, good for you! If you're on a budget and can't this is where KLAQ comes to save your day and wallet. I am sure you want to be at the show with your friends who already have their tickets. No need to fret! KLAQ's giving away a 4-pack of tickets to get you and a few friends into the concert on the house.

Not only do you win a 4-pack of tickets but you will be in the drawing to win the grand prize. The grand prize is a signed tour poster by all members of the band Blink 182. If you would like to win yourself and a few buddies a free entry into Blink 182 be tuning in! It's 4 for the 4th at 4 all this week with me so keep your ears locked to KLAQ. If you need an extra person to use a ticket my schedule is open this Sunday.

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