Jeana and her boyfriend Jesse are known for having a prank up their sleeve to use on one another. These two go WAY back and have remained a team of pranksters for the longest time now.

About 5 years ago Jesse uploaded Jeana's idea of a prank on his YouTube channel. As you will see, Jesse was knocked out on the bed while Jeana was prepping his facial. She emptied a small bottle of green face dye into a glass and grabbed a makeup brush to paint it on. Jesse got into some pre-St. Patty's Day shenanigans of drinking green beer prior to this deep sleep. They don't mind what kind of mess they make while their main interest is getting revenge on their significant other. Jesse's reaction to Jeana painting his face is not what you would expect.

Clearly, Jesse was not going to be able to wash off the green face dye in one rinse!

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