Yeah, it's as gross as it sounds.

As someone who suffers with cystic acne, I can relate to the struggle this girl faces of getting rid this disgusting zit. I don't have pimples that are six years old, and I am still wondering how she let it grow for that long without attempting to get rid of it, after a week.

Now that this monster blemish has grown, maybe not even to it's ultimate form, the young girl and her mother FINALLY decided to pop it. It's tricky to pop pimples like this because of how deeply that are embedded into the skin. I usually try to stay away from popping them but it's just so annoying you can't help it. It's like a pus-filled itch you just got to scratch!

Successfully this girl does manage to pop the pimple but the weird part is that the goo comes out more like Cheez Whiz instead of a volcano.

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