Move over Donald trump -- who's taking over the spotlight in the 2016 presidential primary campaign?

Uh, Deez Nuts!

According to CBS12, independent candidate "Deez Nuts" has a strong showing in a recent poll by Public Policy Polling. With 9% in North Carolina, 8% in Minnesota and 7% in Iowa, Deez Nuts is on the creeping up on both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump's presidential campaigns.

On Wednesday, the surprise candidate showed up in the poll results and stole the hearts of America. Twitter was obsessed with finding out who Deez Nuts was and Rolling Stone scored an exclusive interview with the teen who started this candidate madness. Just a sophomore in high school, Brady Olson filed out all the necessary forms for the Federal Election Commission with the help of his father. 

After reaching out to the Public Policy Polling to poll him, the results where actually a little surprising, but the hilarious finding about Deez Nuts is he is 20 years younger than the age of eligibility for presidency.

Who has my vote?

Deez Nuts.