The Paranormal Files are continuing their series on the Borderland.

The Paranormal Files, who you probably have heard all about by now, is a web series which explores all things paranormal, including spirits, religion, cryptids and even extraterrestrials. Over the years, lead investigator Colin Browen has captured a number of extreme paranormal events on camera, including bloody physical attacks, crystal clear spirit voices and even what appear to be apparitions on camera.

In case you missed it, The Paranormal Files have previously released a full two hour documentary/ paranormal investigation of the famed and iconic De Soto Hotel. In a twisted turn of events, the De Soto Hotel was destroyed by a fire just three days after The Paranormal Files debuted the investigation.

Colin and Jeff of The Paranormal Files had investigated the De Soto Hotel just a week before and were saddened to hear the news; and were also the last ones to investigate the hotel. You can check out the investigation here.

Most recently, we also learned that the Paranormal Files will also be releasing a video investigating Concordia Cemetery. No word on when that one comes out, but we'll be keeping you updated.

In a new video that seems to be continuing their adventures from their trip to the Borderland, Colin and Jeff hang out with an ex-Border Patrol agent named Leon Baker who takes Colin and Jeff out to the Mount Cristo Rey area and tells them some scary ghost stories.

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The frights Baker encountered while on duty will send shivers down your spine. Check out the video below and prepare for a fright fest!

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