"Pass the cranberry sauce." "Can I have some more gravy?"  and "Oh, we're getting divorced." Those may be some of the things you may hear this Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe not everyone hears this at Thanksgiving, but a lot of people I'm sure will. I'm not sure what it is about the holidays, and big holiday dinners that make give some life changing news.

For this, I went around asking some of my friends, and looked at some of my experiences as well with Thanksgiving bombshells. For instance, one year at Thanksgiving, my sister announced she was pregnant. It was a joyous moment because we were all together and we were all able to celebrate with her. I guess that's what makes it the perfect moment to make a big announcement, you know that everyone will be there. Unfortunately, sometimes pregnancy isn't that great of an announcement. A friend of mine shared that her cousin announced her pregnancy at Thanksgiving, but it wasn't her husbands, also, they were getting divorced. Awkward!

Announcing life changing news on Thanksgiving is a great time for you to be thankful that you are together. Another friend of mine said their grandmother announced her cancer was back, and she wouldn't be seeking treatment this time. There were tears and hugs, but most importantly, there was a sense of togetherness, and it made their family stronger. Unfortunately, for another friend of mine, their aunt thought that Thanksgiving was the perfect moment to announce her affair. Every family is different and surely, you've experienced some sort of announcement on Thanksgiving, whether it be an engagement, pregnancy, sickness or other. Which one have you experienced before?

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