If you plan on going out and celebrating the New Year, also plan on having a way to get home safely. 

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

El Paso mayor Oscar Leeser and Sheriff Wiles will be having a press conference New Year's Eve at 10 AM, to talk about how El Pasoans can make sure they get home safe this holiday. It's pretty simple! Call 2-1-1, and they will hook you up with a free ride home. 211 will connect you with either NO DUI or Sun City Cab Sun City Cab will be offering free rides to partiers who need help getting home. This is only for New Year's Eve night.

This is a great service that El Pasoans are being offered, especially since some ride share companies have had reports of price gouging on special holidays like this. Remember to party but stay safe! And call 2-1-1 if you need a ride.