El Pasoans once again get to laugh out loud with comedy legend, George Lopez.

He has announced another comedy tour that will stop at the Abraham Chavez Theatre in El Paso, Texas on June 23rd, 2023. Lopez will bring his OMG Hi comedy tour to the Sun City, which lovers of his podcast are super excited about.

Everyone has a podcast right, but not everybody is a comedy legend. If you love the interactions on these podcasts, you are probably going to love the same vibe Lopez brings to his stage performances.

George Lopez's Latest Topics

Even if you do not know about his podcast, you know just how iconic Lopez is in the comedy world.

Not only does his show 'The George Lopez show' still wake you up at 3 am and haunt your dreams, but he has returned to your tv screens with his latest show, 'Lopez vs Lopez.' If you didn't know Lopez even has his own restaurants in multiple locations in California and at Vee Qiuiva in Arizona.

George Lopez OMG HI Tour Presale in El Paso

On Ticketmaster.com, you can follow all the presale opportunities for his tickets. The first one will start on Wednesday, March 1st at 10 am.

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