Catholic pet-parents out there, take note. Pope Francis is calling out the “selfishness” of using pets as a substitute for having children.

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The Pope made the comments in front of an audience at the Vatican.

“Today we see a form of selfishness. We see people that do not want to have a child…but they have dogs and cats that take the place of children” - Pope Francis


Wowza. Also, the Pope doesn’t cut any slack for people who have children AND pets:

Pope Francis Meets Dignitaries At Dublin Castle
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“Sometimes they have one”,

(meaning a child) but,

“they have dogs and cats that take the place” of having more children."

OK, but surely the Pope can’t think loving your pets is THAT bad, right?... Nope! The Pope went on to say that treating pets like children is…

“a denial of fatherhood and motherhood and diminishes us takes away our humanity”.

That is a pretty hardcore take! At least couples that CAN’T have children get PF’s approval. Uh…no, again. If you aren’t able to reproduce the Pope thinks you should adopt…and NOT from the Humane Society, either!

It’s unclear if His Holiness is opposed to pets in general or if it’s only those adults (married and straight, of course) who treat their “fur-babies” too much like real babies.

Here are a few warning signs that I imagine the Pope might find a little too nurturing for good Catholic couples:


MPs Enter Their Pets Into The Westminster Dog Of the Year Competition
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-Pet Clothes

- The "little doggie shoes," so Fido’s paws don’t get burned by asphalt during summer walks (see “clothes”, above).

-Pet Strollers

-Pet Play-Dates

-Christmas Pictures With Santa at PetSmart

-Letting Pet Sleep Inside With You

-Naively Believing They Might Have “Souls”


Oh, no. I just realized something. I’m going to have to break this news to Lisa when she gets back from vacation next week. Welp…the Lord’s will be done, I suppose.

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