El Paso Animal Services runs a "no kill" facility but recent events forced them to consider a change to that policy.

El Paso Animal Services operates as a "no kill" shelter but they have been inundated with dogs recently and faced a terrible choice.

Last week alone, over 270 new dogs were brought in which forced the facility to consider euthanizing over a dozen "at risk" dogs. Thankfully that didn't happen but it still could.

Thanks to many kind hearted El Pasoans, the dogs on "the list" were all adopted or fostered. Some on the last day at the proverbial last minute. They're safe now but El Paso Animal Services is still stretched pretty thin.

Again, THANK YOU! Because of all of you, we were able to save all the pets that were on our at-risk list, and they are now in foster or forever homes. Let’s keep this momentum going, as even though all these pets are in loving homes tonight, we still have over 500 dogs still waiting to go home!  - Facebook

Shelter officials told KFOX that they attribute the large number of dogs being brought in to a growing number of pet owners unable to afford the costs of having a dog. They also told KFOX that they had "resources to assist pet families with food and vaccinations".

If it's the cost of those things that have you or someone you know considering giving up a beloved pet; please look into those opportunities.

El Paso Animal Services can be contacted via their website, by phone at (915) 212-PAWS or you can email epas@elpasotexas.gov. Their facility is located at 5001 Fred Wilson.

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