First dates can be a little nerve racking for some, especially when dating in El Paso can be a bit difficult. 

Jonathan J Castellon via unsplash
Jonathan J Castellon via unsplash

My idea of a good first date is always dinner and a movie. Sure, you don't talk during the movie, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting to know each other, but my strategy has always been movie first, then dinner- where we can then discuss said movie. It's basic, I know, but it works for me. I'm even okay with going to Chili's after the movie!

However, there are many out there who want fun and exciting ideas for first dates- but also budget friendly ones. Which is exactly what Reddit user @Postitive_Lie_142 asked:

Fun/Good cheap first dates? When i say cheap I don't mean I'm dead broke but average cost i should say. Don’t want to go too fancy if you get my drift. Good food spot or overall fun experience for a date, I'm in my early 20s. What are some good ideas. Especially for today, when its soo windy?

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Luckily for this Reddit user, many gave them some great answers. Among them:

Pockets On Dyer, Mesa & Zaragoza 

Get to know your date over a game of pool and a few drinks- they also offer free pool on Mondays!

Thyme Matters- 5857 N. Mesa 

A fancy restaurant that won't break the bank

Rubiks Arcade Bar-4025 N. Mesa

Act like a kid again and challenge your date to some Pac-Man and enjoy some delicious Garbage Pail Kids nachos!

Breaking 100- 1351 N. Lee Trevino 

According to the person who commented: it's crazy affordable, you can bring your own food and drinks, it’s byob for alcohol too.

The Tap- 408 E. San Antonio

Enjoy some famous Tap nachos and see if your date can handle the heat!

Deadbeach Brewery- 406 S. Durango

Enjoy some delicious local brews and some tasty food!

House of Rage- 6945 Doniphan 

Have a smashing good time with your date at a rage room.

Checking out some of these as a first date is bound to get you a second date!

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