A local woman is getting roasted online for being upset a potential suitor tried to take her on a first date to Chili's. And even Chili's is responding.

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Everyone has an opinion on what is a good first date spot. Some think a movie is magnificent, a ghost tour is good, touring a brewery is best, taking a cooking class is cool, participating in a trivia night is terrific, painting is perfect, or plenty of other options. But let's face it, grabbing a bite to eat is the tried and true date night favorite.

After you decide going to dinner is your date night activity, now you need to decide where you're going to take her. And there are plenty of options out there. A nice candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant is nice but let's be honest, not every guy can afford this luxury, and if you're not helping him pay you can't really be upset if he doesn't take you to the nicest spot in town. But there are some people who believe certain restaurants just aren't first-date material.

Twitter user Kim was asked on a date by a young gentleman and took to Twitter to voice her disappointment at the dining location he chose:

Now, this is her opinion but I'd like to point out- Chili's is bomb and most of El Paso agreed. Her comment was roasted by people and while there were plenty of rude and uncalled-for reactions attacking the woman's appearance, the comments discussing how delicious Chili's is I will support.

You're going to tell me Kim you've never craved those Southwestern Spring Rolls? The Big-Mouth Burgers are scrumptious, and every, single, one of their salads is good. You can't go wrong. Plus, the ribs! You can get a hearty serving of delicious ribs you can enjoy, and washing it all down with one of their signature margaritas. Let's face it Kim- the Chili's defenders were out on Twitter defending the beloved restaurant chain. The comments were so wild even Chili's chimed in at one point:

Safe to say Chili's is going to be a popular spot to eat this week so if you head in for some Baby Back Ribs be prepared for a wait- all of El Paso is ready to show their support.

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