Another day, another week with Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie on Loudwire Nights! What more can you ask for? Besides a Mission Metallica segment ... oh yeah!

As always, Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie bring you amazing interviews, music and crazy stories. On tonight's show, Jackie will be chatting with Robert Trujillo of Metallica. This weekend, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet performed The Star-Spangled Banner at the the San Francisco Giants game. Lars Ulrich got to throw the first pitch as Robert Trujillo called for the players to "Play Ball"! How awesome is that?!

Then, the gorgeous Maria Brink of In This Moment will also be joining Jackie on the show. You can check out the In This Moment pretty lady in Papa Roach's new video "Gravity".

This is definitely a great Monday night on Loudwire Nights as we have all these gorgeous women on the show. In addition to Full Metal Jackie, Maria Brink, we also have Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.

Then, at ten, Loudwire Nights Mission Metallica takes things to another level. As always, with their great tunes! Also at ten, Rick DeJesus talks music, spreading the word and their music all over the world.

It's going to be a great one, so let's get this Monday rockin!