In two different states there were recent bills introduced that would provide free menstrual products in public schools.


New Mexico passed their legislation known as House Bill 134.

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The bill awaits the approval of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who has indicated that she will sign the bill.

In Idaho, a similar bill was proposed but was voted down by that state’s legislature.

Numerous Idaho republican lawmakers said they voted against the bill because it was “very liberal” or “too woke”.

“Why are our schools obsessed with the private parts of our children?” asked Republican Rep. Heather Scott, one of the politicians who voted “no”.

To that, I guess I would say, “Schools provide free toilet paper to students. Does that mean they’re “obsessed” with student’s butts?”

A big part of the issues, say supporters of the Idaho bill, is that menstrual products are NOT included by state assistance programs. Rep. Sonia Galaviz, arguing in favor of the Idaho bills, said, “They are not covered under WICC or SNAP benefits”.


And, “It’s not only what the girls need at school but also a few supplies to take home.”

I was trying to think of something for boys that would be analogous to menstrual products for girls but I couldn’t.

There’s not a really good example of that. Girls need certain products that boys just don’t need. So, here’s my very imperfect analogy…

When a male student goes out for football, he doesn’t have to buy his own protective gear. Football helmets are paid for out of tax monies. I guess what I’m saying is…if boys can get free pads, girls should as well.

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