Sgt. 1st Class Lynnette Hobson-Shearwood just happened to come home a little early from work back in April and was able to save the life of a small child.

Hearing crying in the neighbors yard, she looked over the fence and saw a two or three-year-old holding the foot of a one-year-old child who had fallen in the pool. The toddler was submerged so Shearwood jumped the fence and pulled the child out. Using CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation, she was able to get the child breathing again.

According to the El Paso Times, the Alpha Company command team is now trying to get her awarded the Soldier's Medal. The highest honor a soldier can get for a non-combat act of valor. Alpha Company commander Capt. Ramses Diaz said:

"I absolutely consider her to be a hero." "I know she probably doesn't want to be considered that way. We would all like to think we would do the same thing but we're not all put in that situation and she was on that night. She acted in a heroic manner."

Our military do so much for us. Then, they find ways to do even more. Thank you all very much.