For years, treasure hunters have been scouring the Rocky Mountains wilderness for antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure. After a near-death illness, the millionaire decided to release an autobiography with a special poem inside it. The poem held clues to where Fenn hid a treasure chest somewhere in the forest. According to Fenn, the treasure inside the chest was valued at a million dollars and included gold bars, precious gems, and other various items of value. After Fenn released the book, people all over the world began looking into the poem and trying to decipher where in the wilderness the treasure could be. It's been ten years, and finally, some lucky hunter found the treasure. But one woman says she's the real winner of the hunt, but someone stole her clues and now the glory.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 47-year-old Barbara Anderson says someone stole the location she believed the treasure was hidden by hacking her computer. Anderson said an unidentified person was sending her text messages and "taunting" her online. Anderson has now filed a lawsuit in New Mexico, naming Forrest Fenn and the unnamed treasure finder as defendants. Anderson said she's made about 20 trips from Chicago to Santa Fe to search for the treasure the past few years. Anderson said hunting for Fenn's treasure wa sa good distraction for her during a contentious divorce and a fun hobby to keep her healthy. Now, she says the winnings and the glory have been taken from her and she's ready to sue.

Forrest Fenn hasn't released the name of the person who found the treasure or where the treasure was hidden for the past ten years. It may be in Fenn's best interest to not release that information, since he could tell the judge where the treasure was and if her guess was incorrect, then everyone would know she didn't have the location correct. No word on how much Anderson is suing for.

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