For years, treasure hunters have been searching for the million-dollar Forrest Fenn fortune in the Rocky Mountains. Now, it seems it has finally been found. Back in 2010, antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn released his autobiography "The Thrill of the Chase." In the book, Fenn had a poem that he said led to a million-dollar treasure that he hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn said he wanted to get people out and into nature. For the past ten years, treasure hunters have searched the forests looking for the treasure chest using the poem as their guide. While Forrest Fenn had good intentions with his treasure hunt, sadly some hunters have lost their lives while looking. At least 5 men have lost their lives looking for the loot and even one treasure hunter has sued Fenn for "misleading" treasure hunters. Fenn countersued the man but now it looks like the suit doesn't matter since according to Fenn the treasure has finally been found.

According to his website, Fenn let treasure hunters know that the treasure chest was found a few days ago by a treasure hunter. Sadly, he hasn't released the details on who found the treasure and where it was for the past ten years. Hopefully, the lucky person who found the treasure will decide on their own to come forward but its highly unlikely. The treasure hunter may be worried about needing to pay taxes for their find and they may be better off keeping it a secret. Read more about the five men who lost their lives searching for the treasure at the DailyMail website.

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