No one is allowed to miss their SAT's since that test is mandatory. Unfortunately, I happened to be that ONE that missed taking the SAT's. Of course, because it's me, I happen to always have bad timing with everything in life. I didn't miss this test on purpose and happened to be on my death bed (not dying) just really sick. I had to miss two days of school which I also missed out on the class senior picture.

I have been considering going back to my old stomping grounds to see what I can do. I would like the opportunity to have a chance of taking my SAT. I was lucky to be able to attend college without having any sort of proof of my SAT's. So I printed a mock test to try and prepare for that time I will be able to take the SAT. But there is another test that I will be having to take as of today. I am also wanting to share the outcome with my family, friends, and YOU!

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