Since Cardi B postponed her concert to October, a lot of haters and fans have been expressing their feelings. Now it had me remembering the time Bush was scheduled to come to El Paso and canceled. A lot of people (including me) took the announcement about the cancellation to heart. Speaking Rock Entertainment Center was also pretty bummed about the situation too. Usually, people tend to attack the artist, band, or promoter when it's sometimes not their fault. Last year in Bush's case, it was their booking management team that made a boo boo. Cardi B didn't exactly cross off El Paso but did postpone her show for October. As for Bush, hopefully, those dudes can come back to the Sun City again and make it up to us. Since Bush recently released a new song "Bullet Holes" cross your fingers that Bush can make it up to us soon! Wouldn't it be nice if Bush could perform at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center to make it up to us? Place your vote in the poll down below if it were bummed about Bush not performing at  Speaking Rock Entertainment Center!