Happy national tamale day! I'm not entirely sure why tamal day is celebrated in March, you would assume it's sometime in December, or at least in February for Día de la Candelaria, but no, it is celebrated on March 23rd every year.

We all know where we can go for our tamal fix here in the Borderland, from favorite restaurants to the lady at the Food King parking lot, I'm sure many are ready to celebrate national tamal day. Well, if you happen to have a few extra buck, $150 to be exact, you could partake in what I think is the most expense tamal!

Ambar Restaurante, conveniently located on the lobby level of The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park, is offering a very luxurious tamal- their Golden Tamal.

Ambar Restaurante via Facebook
Ambar Restaurante via Facebook
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According to Ambar, this is the creation of their chef Lawrence Acosta, Chef Lawrence Acosta- and they label it as the most expensive tamal in the world.

The Golden Tamal "exquisitely blends duck manteca, wagyu short rib, and foie gras barbacoa. It’s crowned with Baja lobster claws, caviar, and gold flakes." The price tag? $150. This one tamal makes the Neiman Marcus tamales seem cheap!

Ambar urges you to try it yourself if you consider yourself a foodie. I consider myself a foodie, but also a cheap one; also, I'm a basic tamal girl- I like them red or I like them with cheese. However, if I had an extra $150 lying around, I would definitely try it myself!  I'm all about trying anything once, and I have never had caviar, so to try it on a tamal? Count me in!

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