Back in March, a woman was killed by an autonomous car operated by Uber in Tempe, Arizona. If I had a self-driving car I don't think I would be able to trust it driving on it's own.

The footage you will see above shows you the graphic image of the cyclist getting hit. It also switches over to show you the reaction to the person behind the wheel. Normally most self-driving cars should sense something like this and avoid it but unfortunately didn't. I can't even trust my own computer sometimes let alone trust a self-driving car is out of the question. This was the first pedestrian death that involved self-driving technology. If you could own a self-driving automobile, would you be able to put enough trust to take your eyes off the road? After you witness the cyclist getting stuck by the car, the camera footage also shows the person behind the wheel reacting to the hit. Not sure how long that self-driving car had been driving on the road before until this incident. Now, according to news sources they said the cyclist was jaywalking but doesn't change the fact that the car should have been aware. Do you think you could trust a self-driving car enough to be on the road and be on your cell phone like this person above?

Now would be able to trust a self-driving car enough to take your eyes off the road?

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