Lately, you've been hearing about a lot of pedestrians that are killed in El Paso. There has been a pedestrian that has been hit in March, May, June, and now July. Granted, some of those pedestrians that have been hit were crossing outside the crosswalk zone. The tally for pedestrian deaths has gone up since last year by 6. For 2018 there were 27 deaths as to the amount this year which is currently at 33.

You have heard of so many pedestrians that have been struck and injured or either killed. There are cases of pedestrians that are hit due to the person crossing illegally on a street or highway. Then there are cases where people are using the proper precaution but still managed to get hit. One case that recently happened involved a soldier, Readus Moore Jr. who was struck at a car lot. Or the time the driver of the Corvette struck two high school students. Another pedestrian accident that occurred last year caused the death of Amanda Weyant. She was using a crosswalk and was struck by a red light runner. After all these pedestrian accidents you've been hearing about, take the poll below!



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