So we've been playing around with the live stream and there are lots of changes coming. One of the first changes was unveiled today, and that's the 4 camera split screen. People in the Facebook chat seem to be in love with this setup.

Now, let's get to this clip. We basically have the best engineer in the business. Daver the Life Saver gets to things right away. I've dealt with engineers in radio that are willing to let a project sit and sit and sit because it's not a priority for them. For Daver, every task is a priority. This is great, but it does have some drawbacks. This video is one of the instances where it can be a bit of an issue. We were talking about the angle of Lisa's camera and how it was a bit too high. We know this is an issue. The difficulty is Lisa adjusts here chair throughout the show so she is going up and down.

Well, Daver heard us talking about it on the air so he made his way down the hallway to help out. The one problem is being on the air doesn't necessarily mean Daver can wait. There's a problem. It needs to be taken care of now. So he quietly made his way into the studio. He was so quiet that neither myself or Lisa knew he had made his way in. Well, he ended up going over to where Lisa sits and startled her because she wasn't expecting him to come in so quickly. Or at all. Just be warned, the "S" bomb is not edited.

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