It's official- we all watched the same horror movie way too young!

We are less than forty days away from Halloween! People are getting into the spirit, I'm starting to see people decorate their homes, stores have more decorations and costumes out- the spooky spirit is definitely in the air. That also means that soon, different TV networks will begin showing horror movies!

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I love it, but because I love horror movies. But, trust me, I wasn't always like this! At around age seven, my grandma showed me my first horror movies. It was a little Alfred Hitchcock film called The Birds and I was scared of birds afterwards!

Now, I look back at The Birds and can appreciate its contribution to cinema and to horror movies. But there was also another horror movie that my grandma loved that she decided I was old enough to watch it. The Exorcist!

After discussing horror movies on the Morning Show I decided to ask our listeners what horror movie did they watch at a way too young age.

Through all the comments, the main answer we got was, of course, the 1973 horror hit, The Exorcist! Some of the comments included:

Definitely the exorcist. I had no business watching that as a kid. I didn’t sleep for almost 2 weeks. Now I watch it and it even makes me laugh!

It could either make you laugh now, or turn you into an even bigger horror fan!

The Exorcist.. I can’t believe I begged to watch that movie and they let me watch it

I think we can blame our parents, or sometimes our grandmas, for showing us this movie way too young.

Others included the original IT, The Lost Boys, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and The Shining.

Which horror movie scarred you at an early age? Let us know on the free KLAQ mobile app!

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