If you're still keeping up with whatever it is you gave up for Lent, good for you. I am feeling so proud of myself for also being able to continue this long. It has been such a struggle for me and some days I want to just throw in the towel but don't. I see my son drinking tea or some juice and I just wanted to grab his drink and gulp it down. But like I said, I have NEVER been able to accomplish this kind of religious mission before.

I thought by this time I would feel a little more at ease getting closer to the end of it. I also didn't think it would still be just as hard to fight off temptation. But 13 days left sounds a lot closer than 40 days and will hopefully pass by quickly. Since Thursday last week, I have not had any nightmares about cheating. I sure as hell can't wait to sip on a sweet flavored drink soon though.

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