There are some Catholics who are looking forward and counting down the days to Easter Sunday. I am definitely one of them and dreaming about Easter Sunday literally. I've had nightmares about cheating during Lent and drinking something besides water lately. On week 4 I didn't have any nightmares but they picked right back up. But when I open up the fridge and see orange juice my mouth waters. I have not been checking the calendar as much as I did before when I first started.

But I have had to spice up my water to change it up a bit because of my desperate cravings. I have added kiwi, lemons, and pineapple to flavor my water a bit which helps. But my favorite by far that quenches my thirst and stops my cravings is lime juice. I am hoping I can hang on to using lime juice for as long as I can. I have seen some people cave in already before making it to Easter Sunday. I am anxiously waiting for Easter Sunday to come around while debating what my first drink will be.