If you want to give your tastebuds a kick on Fridays during Lent there are plenty of places to do so. Clearly, some of our budgets can't always afford Red Lobster every Friday while Lent is around. Besides our palate also likes to spice up things especially when it comes to food.

Well, since Lent is kind of a big deal in El Paso some Catholics skip eating meat every Friday until Easter rolls around. By meat, that means steak, beef, chicken, and yes, even turkey. The only other protein we can eat on Fridays during Lent is anything that belongs to the seafood group.

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A lot of Hispanics that are Catholic enjoy eating aguachiles from time to time. Luckily, El Paso has a list of places you can enjoy the best aguachiles at. But there are some places that mainly focus on aguachiles or ceviche plates like Coco Loko. There are also other favorite stops that locals go-to for tasty seafood items with a kick.

Even some of the aguachiles plates at particular restaurants come with beer cans. I have tried a handful of the seafood spots in El Paso that offer aguachiles either as an entree or appetizer. There are quite a few places with some out of the out of this world aguachiles in El Paso. Some of the places my family and friends enjoy a good plate of aguachiles vary in their own unique way. But places you have to try the aguachiles at are Los Colegas, Little Shack, Coco Loko, Los Aguachiles, Mariscos Culiacan, Mesa Street Grill, Elemi, and El Chucoviche Mariscos. In fact, one particular place El Chucoviche Mariscos always sells out of that item as well as others.

But if you would like to play chef and try making your own aguachiles you can follow Jenny Martinez's recipe in her video above. I put together a list of the places with the best aguachiles in the poll below. Now, this is where it all comes down to who you believe has the best aguachiles in El Paso by placing your vote below.

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