After allegations came out against his lead singer, Zoltan Bathory is speaking publicly regarding the charges.

Earlier today, the news broke that the wife of Five Finger Death Punch's lead singer Ivan Moody, Holly Smith, was filing for divorce and accusing the lead singer of domestic violence. According to TMZ, while in a Las Vegas hotel, Holly accused the FFDP singer of cheating after seeing text messages between him and another woman. She said they went to bed, and she woke to him putting her in a jiujitsu submission hold, punching her and choking her with a blanket. Moody was allegedly arrested and charges were dropped.

After social media started buzzing about these allegations against the "Jekyll and Hyde" singer, Five Finger Death Punch's guitarist Zoltan Bathory tweeted a response to the "divorce documents."

Zoltan Bathory Twitter
Zoltan Bathory Twitter


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