Fall Out Boy reminds me of the year I turned 21 and all the good times I had! I bet you even remember the time they came down to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the Vans Warped Tour.

I have seen Fall Out Boy a few times and wouldn't mind seeing them again! Tonight their show will be at the Don Haskins Center. They still have some tickets remaining on sale under $30. Do you remember when Pete Wentz would salute in a certain part of the music video? Well, I bet you would also do the same salute on that part of the song!

If you don't know what song or part I am talking about, be sure to watch the music video for "Sugar We're Going Down." Then if you fast forward to 2:00 minutes in is where you will see his salute. I feel Fall Out Boy will probably save "Sugar We're Going Down" to end the night tonight, and hopefully they do! Well if you're hoping to bump into one of the dudes from Fall Out Boy you're more than likely to at a restaurant.

You may possibly bump into them at a restaurant that serves Shrimp, Macaroni and cheese, and dumplings! Usually a place that serves a variety of food like that would be a buffet place. Pete Wentz is a huge fan of peanut butter and jelly and also macaroni and cheese. Joe Trohman enjoys eating chicken and pork dumplings which he said would be his last meal. As for Patrick Stump, he considers shrimp vindaloo his favorite food to eat. Finally, Andy Hurley is all about that PETA life and can spot him at a vegan joint!

The dudes from Fall Out Boy gotta eat and if you do bump into one of them, post your selfie!

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