It looks like another locally-owned El Paso gem has closed their doors for good. When a local business has to close their doors, fans of the eatery are heartbroken to lose a small business that they can support. There have been several different businesses that have been forced to close their doors for various reasons. Independent Burger, Cox's Bakery, Jurardo Fruit Market, The Label Exchange, Trend Society, and more have closed in the past year and it looks like another local business has shut their doors for good.

D'Lox was a brunch restaurant on the west side of El Paso that had delicious breakfast and lunch options. This wasn't a spot for night owls, since the eatery opened early at 8 a.m. and closed at 3 p.m. but the food was so good you'd wake up at the crack of dawn just to try it. I always loved going and enjoying their delicious French Onion soup with a half sandwich. And on Sundays, there was always a wait to get in and try their scrumptious brunch.

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There was a post on the popular Foodies of El Paso Facebook page, saying there is a sign outside of the restaurant D'Lox saying the establishment is "closed indefinitely."  People began commenting confirming that the restaurant is indeed closed due to one of the owners passing away. Sadly, it looks like the restaurant won't be reopening.

As more restaurants continue to struggle, this is when people should be supporting small, local businesses more. For Christmas gifts, buy gift cards to some local establishments and take your family and friends that are in town out to eat and help them discover their new, local favorites.

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