Roll out the barrels! Many, many barrels, in fact.

Finnish Brewer Launches NATO Beer As Finland Seeks NATO Membership
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This Saturday, craft brewers from across Texas and the USA will be serving up over 170 different types of craft beer. Stouts, IPA’s and pilsners galore will be poured.

It’s all happening Saturday, June 29th, 2024 at the El Paso Convention Center downtown.

Lauren Falco from Destination El Paso was on our show this morning to give us all the details.

Neon sign for craft beer

The event will be indoors and outdoors at the Convention Center. There’s a chance of rain in the forecast for this week. Fortunately, they are prepared to move all the attractions indoors if the need arises. And, of course, it’s always nice to take a break from the heat with the Convention Center’s air conditioning.

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Philadelphia Bar Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With Green Beer
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Lauren tells us the event will begin at 12 noon and will wrap up at 9 pm on Saturday.

There are a few different options, depending on how much drinking you want to do.

General Admission is $30 and that gets you 10 free drink samples (very small cups), a commemorative pint (while supplies last) and entrance to the event. From there, you can select from the nearly 200 different brews that will be there.

I was convinced that the VIP option is really the way to go.  For $65, you get early entrance, access to the VIP lounge, food and, of course, all the beer you want. Those VIPs are expected to sell out before Saturday, so snag your tickets early at

You can get the regular G.A. tickets at the same site. If you’re a procrastinator you can also get the GAs at the entrance to the event on Saturday.

Have fun and remember: drink responsibly. Or, you know, get an Uber or a DD.

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