Some people have no shame when it comes to fighting another aggressor in front of their own children. I guarantee that you can name a few places here in El Paso that has happened. Some parents have had to defend themselves in those kinds of situations though. Now, I am not for fighting but I believe if you have a chance to just walk away, then walk away. Especially when you're in plain sight of your children who learn everything about life through you.

I believe whoever throws the first blow is TOTALLY in the wrong. I mean maybe the ONLY time it is okay to throw blows is if you're a UFC fighter or boxer or a hockey player. But wouldn't be a good idea to let them see that at an early age. I know of a few places that are known for having parents fight in front of their children. Family-friendly joints you've seen altercations occur at would be Wal-Mart, the Sun Bowl, Peter Piper Pizza, and Southwest University Park. I've witnessed fights bust out in front of innocent kids at the Sun Bowl and Wal-Mart (during black Friday).

Now if someone does try to attack you I do believe in defending yourself when it comes down to it. So where have you noticed a fight going down between two adults that have their children present? Give your two cents down below in the poll or comment the spot you don't see on the poll!

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