For many in New Mexico, the day will come when they have a child of their own. Be it through birth, adoption, or other ways.

That new child will need a lot of care and love to blossom into a wonderful human, but it also needs a name unique to it. Yes, I said unique, but I don't mean some of those really odd names people are coming up with nowadays.

I think EVERY name can be unique regardless of how common

Every child makes their given name their own no matter what it is. For example, there can be MANY people named Hannah, but there is only one of YOU named Hannah. Thus, the name is taken and made into a unique version for every person.

While some parents come up with some odd names that I fear will one day get their child bullied, they aren't illegal. People may think a particular name isn't good, but that choice is up to the parents.

However, there are some names you aren't allowed to bestow upon a child no matter the circumstances. The U.S. itself has some illegal names, and every state -- like New Mexico -- has its own set of rules too. Except for Kentucky that is, where there are no rules for naming your child.

Why are some names Illegal in New Mexico?

Typically there are good reasons for making a name illegal --- such as not letting them get too long; if they're unpronounceable; have symbols in them; are offensive in a way; and other things.

According to, in New Mexico, you can't name your child several things. Add those to the list of names no one in the U.S. can name their child, and it's a pretty long list.

Here are the names you cannot give your child:

These Baby Names are Illegal in New Mexico

Did you know that you can't just name your baby anything you want? In most states there are some restrictions

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