A popular social media outlet is putting a stop to protesters and doing some blocking themselves. That social network that plans on meddling in on protesters plans is Facebook. The staff at Facebook have already been hard at work cleaning out unnecessary trouble. By unnecessary trouble I mean there are quarantine protesters trying to start trouble. The quarantine protesters have been making event pages and sending messages that aren't allowed on Facebook.

There are 3 places Facebook had to step in and block event pages for quarantine protest. Those 3 places that are on Facebook's radar are California, Nebraska, and New Jersey. Facebook actually had to remove any sort of anti-lockdown posts. For example, according to New York Post Kentucky had its highest peak after a lockdown protest. Starting a protest because you're frustrated about losing a paycheck won't make anything better. The more that more of us stay quarantined can help keep down the number of diagnosed cases. I hope that El Pasoans won't be or take any part in anti-lockdown activities.

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