Thank you for your service, and thank you for making me laugh so hard.

Kevin Dalton is a former Marine and grandfather to little Tahj Dalton. He has protected this country and been trained in combat but nothing has prepared him for his worst battle yet. Little Tahj has a dirty diaper and his grandfather was babysitting and had the lucky task of diaper duty. He sets up the baby wipes, clean diaper and towel but sadly he doesn't get very far after that. For a horrendous six minutes, the grandfather tries to keep his meal down while the stench of a toddler dirty diaper consumes him.

Sadly, he isn't able to keep down his meal, as the smell finally wins and he has to grab a trash can for how sick he gets. Meanwhile, his grandson Tahj just falls into fits of giggles and laughs as he watches what his poopy diaper has done to his grandpa. Every minute while I was watching I couldn't understand why I was watching a video of a man just throwing up. Then I would started laughing along with the kid and stopped questioning.