The El Paso Independent School District is expanding their PE curriculum to include cool sports, like archery, in-line skating, golf and tennis.

I TOTALLY agree with this. As a kid, I was good at motocross, BMX and things like that. I sucked at football and baseball and I never liked soccer or basketball, to begin with. So I got picked last, usually sat on the bench and I'm the only person in my family to fail PE.

I liked archery too which local Coach Avery Brooker thinks is perfect for kids who aren't good at "traditional" sports. He told El Paso Herald Post online:

"They are having a lot of fun with it.” “Some of them have done it before, but most of them have never shot an arrow before. You see students that may not be the best in basketball or soccer, but they excel in archery and build a little more confidence.”

Anything that gets kids off their phones and away from video games for awhile works for me. This program will, eventually, include middle schools. Read more here.

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