It's 4/20 and if you are celebrating then you're totally ready for a great time. Hope you got your supplies ready including your munchies and a good movie to watch!

Buzz already wrote a great article for must watch movies for 4/20. Being the film lover he is, his suggestions were a bit on the artsy side. So I went ahead and asked our Facebook followers for their suggestions!

What I found out? Our Facebook followers are a bunch of stoners! Stoners who came up with great movies to watch on 4/20. There were of course the usual picks: "Friday", "Half Baked" and just about every Cheech & Chong flick you can think of. But these are seven that I think are great picks!

7 Must Watch Movies for 4/20

As for my pick? It's a little on the horror side, but it's also a fun movie! My pick is "The Cabin in the Woods" if you've never seen this movie, you are missing out! It's fun, has a lot of great horror callbacks, and it has one of my favorite stoners in movies, Marty!

Oh, right, and that's Chris Hemsworth, in a pre-Thor role.

Just a quick reminder, weed is still illegal in Texas (bummer, I know) and unless you're invited to Buzz & Nico's super secret smoke out 4/20 party, you are better off just heading on over to Las Cruces, just to be safe. If you don't know where to begin, check out this list on the best dispensaries in Las Cruces. Happy 4/20!

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