There are some places we love to visit in El Paso when we're in the mood for tasty munchies. Now given that 4/20 is a day people light up they eventually get the munchies after.

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Sure, we all know cannabis is illegal in the state of Texas but come on now, who actually follows? I am sure there will be tons of Texans all over participating in 4/20 secretly.

But that isn't the big importance what is important is where in El Paso you can get your fix for scrumptious munchies. There are a ton of places in El Paso you know of that are perfect for this kind of particular occasion.

Now if there is any place to go for munchies in El Paso you got to make sure they have two selections. By two selections I am talking about a menu of items for the salty and sweet tooth lovers.

Usually, a place that can satisfy different types of cravings whether it is sweet or salty is perfect. Plus, if you enjoy eating something salty and then a sweet treat after there are some places with the perfect munchies just for that.

I believe the top four places for munchies in El Paso are El Chucoviche Mariscos, The Snack Room 915, Snack Attack, and Sun City Snacks, Sweets & More. All those places are popular around the borderland for their scrumptious snacks.

Each place is known for what they offer and how the specialty tastes. For example, El Chucoviche Mariscos is known for its plate of tacos and aguas frescas that are decked out with goodies.

While Sun City Snacks, Sweets & More has a variety of sweet treats to a full plate of food or personal-sized snacks. But after scoping out some of the munchies the four places have to offer, which is calling your name? Place your vote in the poll below.

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