We're back! I know,we did it again; we didn't forget about the podcast but we've been real busy! Our new episode is up on SoundCloud and also available on the Buzz Adams Morning Show website.

On this episode we catch y'all up on what's been happening. Basically, Endgame came out and took over in all aspects of our life, professional and non-work related. It's actually very unpredictable on what's going to happen here from day to day, so planning a podcast is proving to be harder than we thought, but to our four listeners, we appreciate you for your patience.

On this new episode of "What the Buzz" Emily and I discuss our first time. Well, first times. Get your head out of the gutter. We're talking about our first time working here. Our first time on air, which Emily does not remember. We also discuss our first encounter with Buzz and our first big work event, which usually means it's a concert event!

To listen to mine and Emily's first times, check out on SoundCloud or click this link and you'll be able to hear it! Until then, we promise to come up with an intro and outro!

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