I am in love with theme park rides that really get your adrenaline going. Roller coasters are my favorite, but I have always wanted to try one of those slingshot rides. After this video, I think I am just going to completely take that thrill-seeking goal off my bucket list.

At a theme park in Luna Park at Cap d’Agde on France’s Mediterranean coast, one of their rides had a major malfunction, which was caught on tape. You can watch the horrific moment when a elastic cord snaps and sends the two riders wildly into the air, slamming them against a support column.

One of the riders, a 24-year-old woman, broke her leg during the incident while the second rider was not seriously injured. It took an hour for firemen to get the riders down and rushed to a hospital. According to Luna Park officials, they believe this incident happened due to a manufacturing defect with the elastic band. As the investigation into how this terrifying incident happened continues, the ride will be shut down.