Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Steve-O is sticking it to SeaWorld once again. Sunday night, Steve-O live streamed a dangerous stunt on Facebook, showcasing him climbing up a crane that was at least 100 feet above the ground in protest against SeaWorld.

His only companion up that crane was an inflatable killer whale, which he used to send a message to SeaWorld. Once he reached the top of the crane, Steve-O set off fireworks and proudly took in a successful stunt.

Unfortunately, emergency services didn't find the prank as hilarious as everyone else. A good amount of fire trucks and ambulances arrived on scene and were completely confused about the stunt as they prepared a cushion in case of a fall and were questioning if Steve-O needed to be rescued.

This isn't the first time Steve-O has conducted a stunt to tell everyone how much SeaWorld sucks. His first protest against the people of SeaWorld involved him climbing up a 5 Freeway sign in San Diego to add sucks to the SeaWorld exit. 

Steve-O was kind enough to stream the whole stunt on Facebook to share with everyone and to give police video evidence of the situation. He ended the stunt just before 9 p.m. and just as he was climbing down, police were there ready to take the Jackass star into custody.

Hopefully Steve-O won't get into too much trouble because at least someone is still keeping the fight against SeaWorld alive.

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