El Paso, Texas was featured on a travel program called The Day Tripper on PBS. I always love to see the spotlight shining on my hometown's popular spots. The Day Tripper hosted by Chet Garner takes you all over Texas that introduces different cities. El Paso, Texas was part of their travel program that shows outsiders what they're missing. Another perk about this travel program is it also gives us a list of places to see when we travel to another city in Texas. Thanks to this show I know what spots I will be paying a visit to in Amarillo. This travel program focuses on the culture, food, and history of each Texas town.

The clip above from The Day Tripper YouTube channel gives you a quick history lesson about San Jacinto Plaza. San Jacinto Plaza and I go way back and remind me of the days I ran errands with my grandma. I remember running around San Jacinto Plaza while my grandma and I waited for our next bus out. There is so much history that involves that area downtown and is a popular hotspot during Christmas break. Host Chet Garner roamed around El Paso and learned a little about the history of San Jacinto Plaza. Besides roaming around San Jacinto Plaza he also explored the businesses that surround that area. It's programs like these that help show off what our city has to offer tourists who have never been here. The Day Tripper helped me learn something new like the vegan Mexican food a local restaurant offers.

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