El Paso is the sixth largest city in Texas and it neighbors the second largest in New Mexico. In between, are some very cool "tiny towns".

Between El Paso and Las Cruces, are some pretty cool little towns. Awesome places to enjoy small town life yet, still have easy access to big city conveniences and attractions.

  • Anthony, Texas. Straddling the Texas/New Mexico state line, Anthony only has about 5,000 residents but, there's lots to do.
  • Anthony, New Mexico. Not to sell Anthony NM short but, see above!
  • Vado. A beautiful and quiet, rural area. If it gets too quiet though, it's only 20 minutes from  Cruces & 30 minutes from El Paso.
  • Old Mesilla. A great place for history buffs! The old church is beautiful and the gift shop was once the court house where Billy The Kid was sentenced to hang. (They never got that done.)

The best way to see these and a few others not listed? Hop on a motorcycle and take Doniphan, through Canutillo, into Anthony. Then, follow Highway 28 through several even smaller towns to Old Mesilla.