There are tons of El Pasoans who have been anxiously waiting for football season. Sure it may only be pre-season right now but soon the real deal will kick off.

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Even though it may only be preseason it is that time to round up your troop for football game nights. Even though I love baseball I sure as hell also enjoy football game nights too.

Football fanatics have been ready and anxiously waiting to watch their favorite football team on the big screen. Since football season is upon us just means scheduling where to watch all the action at.

Some people in El Paso will host watching parties at their homes and invite family and friends over. Those are usually the best since you know there will be scrumptious food and snacks.

While other football fans prefer to watch with fellow fans of their favorite football team. For example, some relatives of mine are mostly Dallas Cowboys fans while my uncle Gabe and I aren't.

As you should know by now I am a Los Angeles Chargers fan for life. I have enjoyed watching Chargers games when I could with fellow fans at the Los Angeles Chargers fan club in El Paso.

But everyone in El Paso knows it is never a fun time to watch a football game alone unless you're antisocial. If anything El Pasoans are excited for football season, especially for the watch parties.

Plus, Dallas Cowboys fans must be totally stoked for the Dallas Cowboys Flyaway giveaway happening. Thankfully, football season has officially started and the shenanigans that come with it.

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