You've heard about a list of people who have done big things that represent El Paso in the best way possible. I stand by what I've said about so many talented people that come from El Paso, Texas.

You have heard about actors, actresses, musicians, an astronaut, and even bakers who have helped put 915 on the map.

Two bakers who I consider a dynamic duo, Ana Dominguez and Jonathan Bowden, were contestants on Netflix's Sugar Rush Christmas.

Ana Dominguez and Jonathan Bowden sure do a great job helping you get into the Christmas spirit with a smile on your face.

Jonathan Bowden no longer lives in El Paso, Texas, but  Ana Dominguez does.

Despite Jonathan's location, as a team, they have displayed what El Paso Strong means.

Baking is tough as it is, but it's even tougher when you're a contestant in a baking competition for a show. You definitely feel the heat when you're on a time limit while slaving over a hot stove under pressure crazily.

Ana Dominguez and Jonathan Bowden handled the heat like champs since they scored the prize. The pair won the $10,000 prize on Sugar Rush Christmas and even our tastebud's hearts.

One of the cupcake desserts they served to the judges was like a taste of El Paso. Leave it to the pair to create a cupcake with a Hispanic twist. Another of their sweet treats served was a lime cupcake topped with lime buttercream frosting with mango filling and a sprinkle of Tajin on top which you can see below. If you want to try Ana's sweet concoctions you can order some of her desserts here at Kai Ice.

Congratulations to Ana Dominguez and Jonathan Bowden for their sweet victory on Sugar Rush Christmas.

Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez
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